During your journey towards digital transformation, a network based on an SDN (Software Defined Networks) solution will help you evolve faster, vastly improving your versatility and productivity. SDN is practically the physical separation of control and intelligence from hardware, leaving to the latter only the forwarding of data packets. This way, an “umbrella” is formed, which exists one level above the hardware, without depending on the hardware manufacturer. Thus, it enables you to manage everything from a single console, allowing you to direct services where these are required in the network, without having to worry about separate switches and how the various devices are connected.

Wherever a traditional network utilizes a separate appliance, e.g. a firewall, the SDN installs an application which uses the network controller to manage the data and their behavior.

The control that the administrator has over the SDN based network is, in reality, unlimited.

Infinitum has been certified by the biggest SDN solution providers and we can design and implement the optimal solution for your business, according to your needs, which will offer you performance, fast ROI, energy efficiency and scalability.


  • Managing a huge network from a single console.
  • Ease of use: The administrator makes a change in policies, settings etc. and can deploy it automatically throughout the whole network.
  • Analytics utilization: An SDN solution offers the capability of collecting data, which can be then utilized from the appropriate software, depending on your industry (retail, hospitality etc.). These analytics will allow you to make important strategic decisions about your business.

Cloud-based management

Infinitum also offers you the option of cloud-based network management. With one of the two leading solutions in the market, HPE Aruba Central and Cisco Meraki, you can fully manage your network from anywhere (even through a smart device). Through an easy to use web interface, you can deploy devices and settings, without the physical presence of a network administrator being necessary.