Having a wireless network is essential for every business, both for its employees and its visitors. With Infinitum’s solutions, you can have complete control over the connections, while simultaneously protecting your network from attacks.

You can choose independent access points that will be separately managed, or access points with an integrated virtual controller. In this case, the access point is also a wireless LAN controller, allowing unified network management without the need for a hardware controller or other device. Infinitum trusts the proven solutions HPE Aruba Instant and Cisco Mobility Express.

At the same time, we also offer virtual wireless access point solutions that enable businesses to minimize the cost of hardware, while simultaneously maximizing the performance of their wireless network through centralized management. Infinitum offers you the option to choose a virtual wireless controller solution, ensuring efficient management and increase in the performance of both local and remote interconnected networks.

This solution is particularly suggested to small and medium businesses, since it can drastically improve business continuity, something that until recently was a luxury for big organizations only.