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Who We Are

Infinitum was established in 1991. Infinitum’s main services included LAN/WAN network infrastructure implementation as well as data network support.

Infinitum’s involvement with this market share defined its’ axes of development on network services. One year later, in 1992, Infinitum was already involved in the construction market, where it provided its own line of build-to-order computers and terminals.

Furthermore, since 1993 Infinitum is a key player in specialized software and has formed partnerships with the most respected software providers worldwide.

Infinitum followed closely the revolution of unified audio, video and data mediums which led to the new generation of multimedia applications. In 1994 made its first appearance on a sectoral expo (Computer '94) where Infinitum presented a complete software for editing animated pictures as well as a software that allowed the user to manage his/her own library or record collection.

In line with the market developments, Infinitum specializes on internet based services, both in web authoring and programming as well as in telecommunication hardware and infrastructure.

Our Mission:

Be always on the user side!

Our Philosphy:

Get it done now and get it done right!

Our History