Providing Innovative Solutions on Backup and Recovery Challenges

Infinitum can assist your organization in optimising your backup and data recovery systems thus maximizing the stored data and minimize the time of restoration, the backup failure percentages and the relevant costs.

If you are thinking of using deduplication in your company, our implementations have improved SLA, PRO/RTO counters, minimized risks and provided cost effective solutions.

Infinitum tackles the backup issue as a whole, from design to implementation as well as techinical support of the proposed solution. This is achieved via the vast amount of experience and tools that Infinitum has developed in the context of the long-term partnerships we hold with some of the most highly reputable companies in this sector (EMC, Veeam, Veritas, etc).

It’s no secret that high-profile data loss events are increasing. The statistics are compelling: Millions in annual losses have resulted from missing backup tapes alone. As the risks associated with tape-based recovery systems are becoming increasingly evident, more and more companies are looking to implement next-generation solutions such as deduplication.


The right partner when upgrading your Backup-Recovery Systems 

When considering your choices for the optimization of backup-recovery systems Infinitum is a great ally. Our contribution does not stop on defining some points of the procedure. Our certified experts are able to assess the needs and the risks of your business and suggest a customised solution. Furthermore, our engineers are able to identify any logical mistakes in the currently implemented backup/recovery procedures and suggest the relevant solutions that best-fit your profile.

Finally strategically placed Solution Centers enable you to monitor emulated solutions of several manufacturers in order to understand how your customised backup/recovery solution will be designed, implemented and maintained long before its actual implementation.