Infinitum implements digitization services, strengthening your departmental procedures converting hard copy documents into digital data. Our Document Handling services (digitization services, digitization of sensitive personal data and health data) are certified with ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 27001: 2013.

Via our high quality services and consultation, our customers can easily utilize the provided automation and speed up their procedures while reducing costs and improve their staff efficiency as well as the final customers, by having their data in an easily accessable and reliable manner.

Our proposal offers:

    - Automation

    - Maintenance of the files in digital form

    - Preventing data corruption

    - Rapid Return on Investment (ROI - cost depreciation)

    - High quality and reliability results

    - Extensive and comprehensive functionality

    - Scalability and adaptability

    - Easy to use and simple installation

    - Utilization of customer resources


Additionally, we can state that this solution can be used for any type of document or process, such as contracts, financial data, applications, etc.