One of the requirements imposed by the new regulatory frameworks, such as the European GDPR Regulation, is secure data backup. Backup solutions allow customers to retrace data, as well as immediately restore their systems in case of data loss, e.g. due to a malware attack. In the case of ransomware attacks, where personal and corporate data is encrypted, the only solution is to have a backup (as recent as possible).

Infinitum ensures that your business will have the minimum possible downtime, using industry-leading solutions both on software and hardware level.

In each case, the design of the backup solution takes into account two main factors:

Recovery Point Objective (RPO): This parameter indicates the amount of data that is permissible to be lost. In reality, RPO determines the frequency of the backup process. A classic backup process has a higher RPO compared to the replication method, but is considered to be safer because, with the alternative, if there is an error in the original files, this error will be transferred to the replicated ones as well. The choice of RPO is determined by the type of business.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO): Basically, RTO determines the entire duration of the system recovery process, from the moment it begins till it is completed. If a zero RTO is required, the customer can choose a totally redundant backup infrastructure with offsite replication, etc.

Retention Days (Backup History): It is very important for each company to maintain Full Daily Backup Sets for as long as possible, for security and record keeping purposes. With Purpose Build Appliance for Backup solutions included in its portfolio, Infinitum offers the longest possible retention period with the smallest possible storage capacity, utilizing state-of-the-art Data Deduplication technologies.

Infinitum covers all your data security needs, making the most of modern technologies and always taking into account the needs of each individual customer. For example, organizations that manage highly critical data, such as bank institutions, require a minimum RPO. This is accomplished with advanced system replication technologies.

In any case, even if what is required is RPO up to the last transaction, Infinitum can implement the solution that will fully meet your needs.

Infinitum offers comprehensive backup solutions both on server and client levels. Our solutions meet all needs, including cloud services, such as Office 365.

The best solution is selected based on the size and complexity of the customer's infrastructure. Infinitum collaborates with the biggest vendors in the industry (such as Dell-EMC), offering all the possible data security combinations for the customer to have a multi-day history and perform full backup & restore, minimizing risks and operating costs.

Available options include:

  • Server-level backup and bare-metal restore (full recovery)
  • Application-level backup
  • Image backup with boot options
  • Data check before saving to ensure data integrity
  • Replication to backup: In this case, backup files are transferred outside the company to another infrastructure or in the cloud.
  • Backup to disk, which can be done either off-site or on tapes.

Infinitum's backup solutions are available as on-premise systems that are integrated into the business's core infrastructure, while you can select whether the backup will be physical, virtual, or it will take place in the cloud.

At the same time, Infinitum's plans to provide backup solutions as a service in the near future.