A key priority for the maintenance of a viable and competitive infrastructure is the synchronization of corporate needs with the needs of the printing environment.

Infinitum is able to solve this "puzzle" by providing Managed Print Services (MPS).

In this area, Infinitum operates strategically with a separate business unit that is responsible for the implementation of comprehensive services to medium and large organizations.

As part of a contract providing MPS, Infinitum assumes overall responsibility for the company's printing fleet (equipment, consumables, technical support, management) and provides recommendations for the development of the service.

Our approach, always takes into consideration the users and their needs, the variety of technologies and internal procedures of the company, in order to ensure a smooth transition from the existing to the new, improved printing environment.

Depending on customer requirements, we can additionally provide applications (secure pull printing, tracking-reporting, billing, rule based printing etc.) which help the workflow optimization, the ability to track documents, the proactive troubleshooting as well as the security of sensitive data.

The cost per page (CPP) covers all the costs of the service provided (such as equipment, spare parts, maintenance kit, consumables, equipment installation, installation software, technical support and brake & fix), within agreed time limits (SLAs), remote monitoring of printing and generally all kinds of services and hardware that are covered by the contract.

With MPS contract, your company and your customers can achieve significant cost savings (in some cases, up to 40%), since the printing is now accomplished within a completely controllable environment, the volume and type of printing equipment is the optimum one and it has been transformed to a centrally-managed infrastructure requiring fewer resources in manpower and hours.

In other words, you can trust Infinitum to handle all your printing needs and focus on what you business actual requires.