Printing has always been a pain point for businesses, since the management of print-outs and consumables is usually erratic, while paper, toner and power waste can amount up to 50% of a business's printing volume! It is not unusual for a person to walk-up to the office printer in order to collect a print-out, only to find several other pages, printed days ago, waiting for their owner. There are numerous surveys proving the significant advantages a company can have by replacing the traditional model of unmanaged and uncontrolled printing with a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution.

Infinitum, having provided comprehensive managed print services to medium-sized and big organizations, possesses extensive know-how in this area.

After analyzing your needs, Infinitum will propose the best MPS solution for your business, taking full responsibility for your print fleet. The offered solution will include all the necessary hardware, consumables, technical support and management.

The benefits of MPS

  • Lower operating costWith an MPS solution, you can reduce the cost of printing up to 30%, since all printing tasks are executed in a fully controlled environment, the number and type of your printing machines are optimized, and their management is performed centrally, thus requiring less resources both in terms of personnel and time.
  • Service vs. purchasing hardwareAn MPS solution is actually a service. This means that your company will only pay a lease (yearly contract), without having to worry about the cost of the initial investment required for acquiring the printing equipment. Furthermore, the cost of an MPS solution can be included in your company’s operating expenses.
  • Environmentally-friendlyBy managing your printing needs with an MPS solution, you also improve your company’s energy footprint and enhance the security of the transferred data, either this is in digital or printed format.

Why choose Infinitum

Print Management/Workflow Optimization: Printing task monitoring, management and optimization, and workflow scheduling & automation for reduced printing time and cost.

Device Management: Printing device management, smart troubleshooting, preventive issue identification and resolution, and consumables re-ordering with no effects on your daily operations.

Tracking/reporting: Detailed usage reports per device, user or department. The purpose of these reports is to control and optimize the performance of the fleet and reduce paper waste, by restricting printing tasks to those that are actually necessary for your business.

Ευελιξία τιμολόγησης: Infinitum offers flexible pricing options, based on your needs. You can choose between purchasing the printing devices or leasing them against a fixed, monthly fee. The usage cost can be covered with a fixed fee per printed page (cost per page) or with the purchase of the necessary consumables against fixed prices (price protection) for the entire term of your agreement. Your agreement will cover all additional expenses, such as the expenses related to equipment, hardware/software installation, replacement parts, long life consumables, technical support and repairs within an agreed time window (SLA).