The ever-increasing market competition entails ever-increasing business needs. Strategic decision-makers need to have all the information and this is only achieved with seamless communication. Either this is face-to-face or digital communication between executives, partners and customers, it has to take place in a modern meeting room. It has been estimated that business executives spend approximately 35% of their time in meetings, while this percentage raises to 50% for senior executives.

To this end, Infinitum has put together a specialized team of experienced engineers who can design and implement your company's meeting room, integrating all the modern technologies that will enable you to communicate - either in-person or remotely - with your partners.

Infinitum will make sure that your meeting room meets all your needs, including interactive or non-interactive projection solutions, video collaboration technologies, AV streaming, and all the necessary structured cabling (power, network, data, media etc.).

You can choose from a wide range of Epson projectors offering connection to the existing infrastructure, wired or Wi-Fi communication with your intranet, remote control, high-resolution image and multiple installation options depending on the available space and your needs.

If your space is limited, you can opt for a short-throw or ultra-short throw projector, while if you need to make interactive presentations, Epson’s smart interactive solutions will allow you to create the most advanced meeting room ever.

Infinitum’s meeting room solution includes:

  • Project installation
  • Interactivity features
  • Multi-point video conferencing
  • Streaming/multicast to remote partners
  • Installation of cameras and all the relevant equipment
  • Support for all video calling platforms (Skype for Business, Hangouts, Cisco, etc.)
  • Cable routing, wireless networking, sound, media
  • Telepresence solutions

Simplified management with a single console

In order to offer easy and simplified meeting room management, Infinitum has partnered with Creston. With Creston Mercury, you can manage Epson projectors and all the other installed technologies through a single, central point.

Creston Mercury is the only tabletop solution that supports all communication and collaboration applications. By combining the meeting room tools and technologies, this console allows you to work and communicate with your partners regardless of your location or the teleconferencing solution you’re using.