Although we all ensure our computers and servers are secured, many leave their printers entirely unsecured. Today, though, printing and scanning devices are actually endpoints, similarly to computers. They have an operating system, a hard drive, a memory module and a CPU. They also have access to the company’s intranet, and the Internet. So, it is evident that an unsecured printer can be used as a back door, allowing malware into your business with unpredictable consequences.

The following statistics, according to a survey conducted by Spiceworks1 are a clear indication of the size of this problem:

  • 74% of the participants answered that their company has experienced at least one attack on their intranet.
  • In 16% of all the attacks that took place in 2016, network printers were used as an entry point.
  • Only 16% of the participants believe that printers entail a high risk of network attacks.
  • Even though 77% of computers and 61% of mobile devices are secured, the percentage of secured printing devices amounts only to 28%.

Furthermore, the cost of repairing the damages caused by data theft can be overbearing for the average business, both financially and in terms of restoring its reputation.

It is, therefore, evident that printing security must be a priority for any modern business. Besides, according to the GDPR regulation that will come into effect in May, 2018, all companies managing personal data must ensure such data is adequately protected against attacks, and failure to comply with such obligation entails extremely expensive fines.

To avoid all the above scenarios, you need to take all the necessary precautions. In reality, though, you only need to find the right partner that will plan and implement the right solution for your needs, either in the context of an MPS solution or by simply installing new imaging and printing devices.

Infinitum possesses the necessary know-how to protect your network with HP devices, which are considered as the safest printing devices in the world - and rightfully so.

HP Security Manager: The best document protection solution in the industry

HP printers have been designed so as to include control and monitoring technology that helps minimize risks, comply with your company’s security policies and provide end-to-end network protection. Only HP can offer such a comprehensive protection that offers security up to the BIOS level and even provides auto-repair features.

HP printers protect your documents and data when transferred within or outside your business. Every step of the process is secured - from the moment you hit “Print” until the document reaches the device where it will be printed.

Additionally, HP business printers include safety features that protect them against any suspicious traffic that may be detected in your intranet. These devices can identify threats early on, thus avoiding any fatal damages before they even begin to occur.

The HP JetAdvantage Security Manager suite is the most comprehensive data protection solution in the market. You can install and enable it in any compatible HP device. It supports full customization of user privileges in your network, by applying specific security policies that determine who can print, what and where; it also supports a range of authentication technologies. In this way, you can be sure that printed documents are delivered only to the persons with the right privileges.

1Survey conducted by Spiceworks among 309 IT executives in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, on behalf of HP, in November 2016.