Printing will always be essential to every business. Nevertheless, you can digitize many of your documents and enjoy a range of exceptional benefits, such as:

  • Reduced document storage cost  
  • Simplified and quick search and archiving features
  • Less errors
  • Streamlined use of resources
  • Direct digital document delivery to customers, supplies, partners etc.
  • Minimized waste and environmental protection

Infinitum has partnered with Fujitsu, the biggest manufacturer of document scanning and management solutions in the world, to facilitate your path to digital transformation.

Infinitum’s solutions for document digitization and management take advantage of the newest technology and can be used in all possible applications, from mobile devices that require mobile scanning to work groups or specialized business departments. Furthermore, there are specialized production solutions for big organizations.

These solutions provide speed, high-quality image, excellent paper handling, as well as simple integration and compatibility with document imaging applications.

It must be noted that Infinitum’s digitization services meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2013 standards regarding the digital transformation of sensitive personal and health data.

Reduced cost/Increased productivity

Infinitum’s consultants will analyze your business needs for free and, then, propose a comprehensive document digitization solution that will speed up your processes, reduce the cost, improve the productivity of your personnel and help you offer your customers an even better experience. Thus, you can have all your data stored safely where you need it, without having to spend time and resources searching for documents. Additionally, digitization will help you save storage space and protect you against disasters.

Infinitum's digitization/management solutions cover all types of documents and processes, such as agreements, financial data, invoices, applications etc. and include the following services:

  • Automation
  • Maintaining records in digital form
  • Preventing data tampering
  • Quick return on investment
  • High-quality, reliable results
  • Extensive and comprehensive functionality
  • Scalability and customization options
  • Ease of use and simple installation
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure

Flexible plans

Infinitum can meet all your document digitization and management needs, depending on the goals you have set, in combination with daily document production and data transfer within and outside your company.

Infinitum can design the optimal solution for your needs and offer you a comprehensive digitization plan. Alternatively, you can choose a “cost per image” solution.

Furthermore, Infinitum can provide you with its knowhow, so that you can design yourself the solution that serves your needs, and offer you imaging devices, software and training for your personnel.