Whether your business needs call for server clusters, virtual servers or a couple of virtualized servers Infinitum’s engineers have the experience and knowledge to assist you.

During our longstanding cooperations, we have provided server solutions to some of the Greek market leaders. Holding active certifications and partnerships with all the major server providers (physical and virtual) we are able to document your business needs and provide cost effective, scalable solutions in order to maximize productivity, minimize the costs and ensure business continuity.

A server offers redundancy and makes your environment more compliant to a data recovery plan. Additionally, your infrastructure is more secure than a peer-to-peer network, where PCs perform individually without a centralised management service. Basic use of servers includes:

  • Consolidation of your storage and resources
  • Increase of your security and reliability
  • Organization of your email, contacts, calendars and backups
  • Centralised monitoring and quarantine of viruses and spam

Furthermore, Infinitum offers and supports more complex solutions such as Exchange, Domain Controller, ldap, Fax server and custom application servers that are only a few examples of our technical competences.