Most IT operations teams spend an inordinate proportion of their time hunting down the various root causes to these issues, largely because chaotic practices, weak or weakly enforced processes, and insufficient technology assistance obscure the clues to resolution.

Infinitum service assurance is a process designed to give management and the customer confidence that an organisation will deliver quality information technology products and services.

Adopting a service assurance approach to IT management won’t resemble a one-off IT project. It will be an ongoing process that delivers incremental returns along the way, and IT operations managers must decide from where they want to begin. If the ultimate desired result is an improved end-user experience, we help our customers define what that means to their organization.

Depending on the environment, Infinitum can decide to kick off the transformation from within the underlying components or we could start by modeling critical business services and drilling down to find the infrastructure related to them. Either way we will incorporate a few political battles and technology challenges, but both should enable IT to move toward measuring IT in a way that is relevant to the business.