On a security level, Infinitum offers a comprehensive portfolio that covers every aspect of your business, from the “classic” level of endpoint security to NAC (Network Access Control) solutions. More specifically, Infinitum’s system security solutions include the following:

Endpoint security

Infinitum offers comprehensive protection solutions for your network, which include network anti-virus, IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), URL filtering, application control, anti-malware protection etc., and enable easy and simple management from a single console.

The Firewall/UTM solutions offered by Infinitum (Cisco, WatchGuard and FortiGate) increase the effectiveness of your network protection, reduce the complexity and offer you easy management. You can choose between the appliance form or cloud service.

Secure Network Access Control (NAC) solutions

Modern businesses with complex network infrastructures that include cloud-based and always-on mobile connections are now more exposed to attacks than ever.

Therefore, they need a solution that offers end-to-end security, full access control, wireless communication protection and immediate handling of security incidents.

Infinitum offers such comprehensive solutions for user authentication and authorization within the corporate network (e.g. HPE Aruba Clear Pass), commonly known as NAC (Network Access Control) solutions. With a NAC solution, user access to the network is fully controlled, since the user’s profile along with their security policies, permissions etc. “follow” them from whichever location they might be connecting to the network.

Infinitum has extensive experience and know-how in this specific area, having completed many installations on very demanding networks, e.g. for big financial institutions.

Solutions like the HPE Aruba Clear Pass offer immediate and very specific benefits:

  • Secure user access to wired and wireless networks from any device (PC, smart device etc)
  • Identification of every device connected to the network
  • Compatibility with multi-vendor environments since the solution is not dependent on its hardware manufacturer, including mixed environments combining hardware from multiple manufacturers
  • Safe access for guest users (both for wired and wireless connections)
  • IoT device protection: Prevention of risks from hackers who take advantage of the vulnerabilities of Internet of Things devices.