The most important aspect of any business activity is communication. Using a feature phone as a communication tool is undoubtedly a thing of the past. We now live in the era of fast networks, wireless broadband, Wi-Fi, VoIP, smart devices and social networks.

Any modern business that wants not only to follow the technological trends, but to also take advantage of them in order to improve its productivity by communicating with remote executives, partners and customers, needs to adopt a Unified Communications (UC) solution.

Do not let the restrictions of traditional communication hold you back. Rely on Infinitum and take the operation of your business to a new level.

In today’s business environment, communication means collaboration and Infinitum is offering the top UC solutions in the market. Infinitum’s experienced executives will design and implement the optimal solution tailored to your existing and future needs. Besides, you must never forget that as your business is evolving, so are your needs for communication.

To this end, Infinitum has secured partnerships and certifications from the biggest manufacturers in the world, such as Cisco (usually for implementations that include more than 40 users) and Alcatel for small and medium businesses.


UC technologies expand office space to any location your employees may be located. They can be applied to a wide variety of environments, both within and outside your business:

  • Office spaces with computers or softphones
  • Conference rooms with simple teleconference systems or advanced telepresence systems
  • Remote employees using computers or smart devices


  • VoIP - low-cost phone calls through the Internet (IP: Internet Protocol)
  • Presence - Availability of people in real time
  • Video calls implemented equally easily with voice solutions
  • Instant messaging - exchange of instant messages
  • File transfer, screen sharing and many other collaboration tools


  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Lower phone bills
  • Better customer service
  • Easier management
  • Mobility and remote collaboration
  • Pricing versatility based on usage and/or needs