Infinitum possesses extensive know-how on "productivity" implementations, utilizing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to virtualize not only servers but terminals as well, in collaboration with the industry leader VMWare.

VDI offers significant benefits, the most important one being that the client network (desktops/laptops) can be centrally managed from the customer's infrastructure (server, cloud).

This implementation offers high availability features, as well as centralized management of all endpoints, enabling the customer to enjoy enhanced security and protection, as each user uses only the required software, having specific rights, licenses, access, etc.

In addition, the company’s IT resources can be reallocated to more effective tasks, since management does not require more than one administrators, who can take advantage of advanced technologies and tools to monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of computers from a single, central point.

How VDI works

Virtual Desktop is basically a virtual machine that simulates the desktop environment both in terms of hardware (memory, disk, storage, etc.) and in terms of operating system and applications. The virtual machine runs on the server and all changes, corrections or maintenance tasks are performed remotely. This process includes the creation of images for each "computer", which vary according to the needs of each user type (back office, sales, management, development, financial department, etc.), and each image can be deployed to multiple locations with just a few clicks.

In fact, since desktops are virtual, users can access them from anywhere via VPN, and not necessarily from their office, which entails greater flexibility and increased productivity. Thus, your business can take a step towards its digital transformation, making the most of modern technology trends to implement the workplace of the future that is not constrained by physical boundaries.

Alternatively, a VDI solution can also be implemented at the application level, in which case the user has a standard computer, but all the applications are "streamed" from the main server. This means that whether there is computational power at the endpoint or not, VDI works equally efficiently.

Why choose VDI

Apart from the obvious financial benefit, this solution has two major advantages compared to desktop PCs:/p>

  • Simplified management and
  • Increased productivity.

It is important to note that there is no limitation on the number of terminals that can be used. Usually, the terminals used are thin and zero client PCs, like those by HP and Dell. Alternatively, in the case of small businesses, we can also use legacy PCs and, as the customer’s needs grow, gradually add thin clients.

Infinitum offers this solution regardless of the number of employees.