The first step towards designing any IT solution should be aligned to the user's needs. Nowadays the user in not bound to a desk but instead he/she uses several local and remote devices and services that operate with a variety of Operating Systems.

In order to meet these needs the updated unified datacenters have been replaced with several distributed virtual datacenters which are able to host not only traditional data but also services/applications.

The virtualized infrastructure offers multiple benefits for the companies that will implement them:

  • Significantly lower hardware and maintenance costs
  • Eco-Friendly infrastructure
  • Continues operation (instant recovery from system failures)
  • Better data recovery solutions
  • Great flexibility regarding physical location of the datacenter.

Infinitum's engineers specialize in datacenter virtualization are certified by two of the most trusted virtualization providers.

We hold a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider Certification and we are a Microsoft Hyper-V Gold Partner. Those partnerships are the assets that enable our engineers to have access to a vast knowledge database and to the most updated solutions regarding virtualization. Each of these providers offers several virtualization solutions that we best fit to your business needs in order to maximize productivity in a cost efficient way.

Our virtualization experts are at your full disposal for a meeting in order to provide you with current information and solutions on what data-center virtualization or even service virtualization can do for your company productivity and budget.