Nowadays Wi-Fi is widely used in companies, Small office Home offices (SoHos), schools and households as an alternative or even as an extension of the traditional wired network. Many airports, hotels and other businesses offer Wi-Fi access to their visitors (hot spot) or even an interconnected area of hot spots (hot zone).

Some of these providers charge for internet access on an hourly or daily rate but most of them provide this internet access free of charge. While wireless internet access is an asset for any company, the fact that almost anyone can anonymously roam the company’s network creates a need for extra security measures.

Any organization that provides access to its Local Area Network or shares their internet connection with random visitors should implement security features such as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), or Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure the network's security.

Infinitum’s certified engineers are able to identify the security needs of your business and design a customised solution that will not only enable your company to utilize safely the Wi-Fi but also enable you to use Unified Communication solutions based on some of the most trusted suppliers (CISCO, Alcatel/Lucent, H.P./Aruba, etc).