Intranet & Data center security

Your data center hosts critical data and contains your core assets, including customer information, intellectual property and other business-critical data. In line with the globally emerging trends such as Big Data, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), mobility and global online collaboration sparking an explosion of data, the data center will not only become more important to your organization but will also continue to be the main target of advanced malware and other cyber attacks.


How Can Infinitum Help?

Integrated Appliance Solutions

Integrated Appliance Solutions (IAS) offer flexibility and choice for data center and enterprise network security. These appliances provide integrated software and hardware bundles and direct support that are customized  to organizations’ exact specificions.

- Cisco ASA

- Watchguard UTM Firewall appliances

Next Generation Security

- Advanced  threat protection and user awareness for physical, virtual and public cloud networks.

- Prevention of  targeted attacks on websites hosted in physical, virtual and public cloud networks.

- Cisco ASA with Firepower services & FireSIGHT Management Center

- Barracuda security solutions

- Watchguard UTM Firewalls with APT Blocker