Businesses should be prepared for all possible scenarios, from potential natural disasters to cyber-attacks, having in-depth recovery plans that include detailed procedures for restarting critical operations quickly, so as to avoid revenue loss or interruptions in their operations.

Once you have ensured the high availability of your systems and data, Infinitum can offer you a comprehensive DR (Disaster Recovery) plan that will enable you to resume operations after any disaster (financial disaster, malicious attack, data destruction, natural disaster, etc.) you consider more probable.

Infinitum can help you implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and also offer you consulting services to help you determine what exactly this plan should include, the steps to be followed, etc.

Financial and operational losses could significantly affect unprepared businesses. According to the Disaster Recovery Council report for 20151, one hour of downtime can cost a small business up to $8,000, a mid-sized business up to $74,000, and a big organization up to $700,000. And this is for just one hour...

In addition, relevant surveys have shown that more than half of the businesses have experienced a downtime event that lasted more than eight hours in the last five years, while 3 out of 4 businesses are completely unprepared in the event of the worst-case scenario.

The most common causes of business disruption include:

75%: Power loss

52%: Hardware error

35%: Human error

34%: Malware attack

20%: Natural disaster

11%: Local disaster

Integrated design and proper implementation

Infinitum's Disaster Recovery Plan provides for immediate recovery and access to your data in case all or part of your resources are destroyed, taking into account many business activities that rely on this data.

Infinitum's DR plan ensures that, no matter what happens, your critical data will be retrieved and your critical applications will be available online the soonest possible.

All possible alternative implementations are available based on the desired recovery point and/or time (RPO/RTO), and all possible cases are covered, whether your business has its own on-premise infrastructure or uses co-location services.

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