Seamless operations, without delays and interruptions, are extremely important for any business. Infinitum's goal is to enable its customers to focus on their business, without having to worry about devices or infrastructure. This requires a proper initial assessment of the existing infrastructure and the creation of an appropriate plan, depending on the particular needs of each business.

Thanks to its extensive expertise and know-how, Infinitum designs high availability solutions including a range of parameters such as servers (physical and virtual), storage (including Software Defined Storage), integrated networking, wireless, multi-routing, etc.

Infinitum covers all stages of the main infrastructure implementation, from design to construction. At the same time, it offers redundant solutions based on SAN (Storage Area Network) implementations for high availability with virtualization software, using mainly VMWare technologies.

Additionally, Infinitum meets customer's needs for high performance and demanding applications such as SAP HANA, ERP, mail servers, etc.

In terms of design, Infinitum tries to make the best possible use of the legacy physical infrastructure, in order to protect the customer's previous investments. Furthermore, we put particular emphasis on reducing or, if possible, eliminating the so-called "Single Points of Failure" (SPoF) that may exist in a data center. It must be noted that SPoFs are not limited to the IT infrastructure; they can be identified anywhere, from power supply and air conditioning to network, and so on.