When it comes to printed transaction documents (e.g. invoices, delivery notes etc.), managing them entails saving time and resources, reducing manual tasks and eliminating errors. For example, wouldn’t it great to be able to sort documents by postal code, so as to ensure they are distributed with the minimum number of routes? Wouldn’t you also prefer not to waste time stapling documents, in cases of intensive invoicing? Infinitum's transaction document management services can offer you these and much more, such as document stapling and e-invoicing:

Transaction document stapling

Infinitum’s stapling solution is especially designed for companies with intense invoicing that print a large volume of documents, helping them significantly reduce sorting time.

Infinitum’s solution automates the process of printing and stapling originals/copies, as well as the process of sorting such documents based on their destination. Following their delivery, the relevant invoice copies are readily available for scanning.

This solution offers your business significant benefits, since it enables you to reduce the time between printing and delivery almost by half!

Furthermore, this solution can be paired with load balancing, enabling you to use more, cost-effective printers, and ensure the necessary redundancy and the required speed.

Infinitum’s stapling solution can also work either with or without the existing tax system.


E-invoicing is the exchange of digital transaction documents between two or more entities (companies, public organizations, natural persons) involved in a trade transaction. With e-invoicing, all relevant documents are issued, sent and stored electronically. There is no need for printing.

It must be noted that e-invoicing has been established in Greece as well, offering a range of very important benefits to those that decide to use it.

According to the Bank of Greece, it is estimated that big organizations will be saving up to 750 million Euro from e-invoicing alone. Furthermore, based on surveys conducted by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and other institutions, in a period of two years, e-invoicing will help businesses reduce their operating cost by 1 to 1.5 billion Euro annually by reducing the cost of transporting, managing and storing printed documents, minimizing errors and automating the processes of auditing invoicing records.

The benefits of e-invoicing

  • Reduced cost per document (cost of printing, delivering etc.)
  • Less document management/retrieval time
  • Saving physical archiving space
  • Direct data export for further use
  • Quicker document delivery and more effective communication with customers
  • Quicker account balancing and improved cashflow
  • Adopting environmentally friendly processes and enhancing corporate social responsibility

Impact @rchive&connect

Infinitum offers the most comprehensive electronic document management solution in the market, which has been adopted by thousands of companies throughout Greece. @rchive&connect is the most innovative e-invoicing and archiving solution. It automates all invoicing processes, regardless of the industry, and is fully compliant with the Greek legislation.

Targeting small and medium businesses - which amount to the biggest part of the Greek market - @rchive&connect meets all the needs of businesses belonging to this category, regardless of the monthly volume of transaction documents.

This solution includes a range of advanced features, such as detailed reporting, automated archiving of incoming transaction documents and searching, while it also offers advanced flexibility and supports seamless communication with the existing ERP system.