Docker revolutionizes the way applications work, offering a platform that enables applications to run from everywhere, regardless of the operating system, the cloud infrastructure (or lack thereof), the physical or virtual environment. Docker is breaking new ground by "packaging" applications into "containers", along with any resources they require to run anywhere, in the exact same way.

Docker Inc. is at the forefront of innovation as a container-as-a-service platform, helping us modernize traditional applications, such as monolithic, three-tier, SOA and microservices. Infinitum is Docker Inc.’s value-added reseller in Greece for Docker Enterprise Edition. This solution is sold as a subscription service with an annual contract, which includes various levels of support, from next business day coverage to 24/7 and 24-hour response.


  • Flexibility: 13 times(!) more releases than the classic application development model and immediate response to your customers' needs. Furthermore, the developer onboarding time is reduced by 65%.
  • Portability: If it runs on Docker, it runs everywhere! Docker applications run either on-premise or in the cloud, and in every operating system.
  • Security: Each application features an extremely high level of security on multiple layers. In this way, you have multiple levels of protection at your disposal and one of the best ways to secure your applications' data and operation.
  • Cost efficiency: Optimize the use of your infrastructure resources and streamline operations to reduce your overall cost by 50%.
  • Open platform: Docker is an open-source platform, meaning that a specialized partner like Infinitum can customize it to fit your customer's needs, while it also integrates easily with their existing infrastructure.

Why Docker?

Docker is everywhere: Amazon, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Windows, Ubuntu, etc. There are ready-to-use containers from all popular platforms (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, programming languages, etc.). This platform is more secure compared to virtualization solutions and corresponding VMs, while it is also much faster! And its superior performance is apparent both during deployment and implementation. Given that the hardware requirements are limited, you can make the most of your existing infrastructure and design systems with zero downtime at a very low cost.

If you want to be at the forefront of technological advances, you need to move your applications in the Cloud without any further delay. Infinitum can be your trusted partner during your digital transformation, helping you modernize your existing portfolio of applications.

Converting your applications into containers will help you improve security, reduce development and support expenses, and have readily available cloud apps.

DevOps with Docker

Today, many companies have made a shift to DevOps in an effort to remove the traditional barriers between Development and Operations. DevOps was first used by Google and was born out of the need for continuous application releases without delays, that was not met by the "waterfall delivery" method used up to that point, which was a linear and inflexible process.

DevOps supports automation and monitoring throughout all software development stages, from programming, testing and release to development and management, for the main purpose of shortening the development cycle time.

With the Docker platform, your business can achieve its goals in this direction and Infinitum is the right partner to this end.

How can Infinitum help

Docker is suitable for everyone involved with software development, whether they are developing software for third parties or for their own use.

Infinitum's experienced engineers will perform an architectural analysis according to your needs in resources, software, etc., and provide the following services:

  • Initial implementation (install Docker Clusters, Nodes, etch.)
  • Training
  • Management
  • Support
  • Legacy application migration into containers
  • Especially for start-ups, Infinitum handles all necessary steps, including the application "containerization".